Saturday, July 9, 2011


Madeline turned three this past week. Three years of more love and joy than I can put into words. She is such a bright, beautiful, silly, spunky, sweet, loving, large person in that little three year old body. I really adore her.
She is very interested in animals, from kittens, to elephants, to hyenas. For the past several months, she has claimed that pigs are her favorite, because they are pink. But she also clarifies that she likes clean pigs, not dirty ones. :)
Anyway, she asked for a pink piggy party, and so that is what she got. I decided that I wanted to somehow make it pretty, even with a pig theme, and I think I pulled it off. (This was actually the first party that I threw by myself, with no help from my sisters, and I was very proud of how it turned out.) It was small, simple, pretty, and piggy. :) Best of all, this was the first birthday where madeline was completely aware that it was HER birthday, and that people were celebrating HER. From the moment she woke up, she could hardly wait to see and eat her piggy cake, and share it with all of her friends.
As far as the theme went, I found a vintage card on Etsy that had the three little pigs on it. So, I ordered it and blew it up, printed and framed the front and the inside. I also had a picture of the pigs put on the cake. Besides that, I just tried to make the table pretty with flowers from my porch, a tablecloth that I got at an antique store, and a few little pig puppets that I got at Michaels. Also from Michaels were the cute little pigs hats that the kids are wearing. They were pretty cute! We had cake and ice cream and the kids played, and it was a perfect third birthday party for our girl.

Madeline is a blessing and a gift, and I loved getting to celebrate her sweet life with our family and friends.